Mine Crafters

Welcome to the Minecraft Hall of Pernworld's Wikidot. Here you can find information on the minecraft hall of Pernworld.

Under "minecraft" we have craft history, broken down by "Passes" and listing Holds that the minecraft has offshoot halls in. If you want to know where the Minecraft is or what comes out of each hold, look under craft history.

Under "minecraft" "hall" we have places in the minecraft hall worthy of mention as well as a breakdown of our new museum facility wing by wing and our wher facilities.

Under "characters" there's a list of minecraft hall members as well as staff and information on everything from their background to their present day jobs as well as their firelizards and their whers.

Under "Whers" we have a list of current Whers Pernwide. There are assumed to be more whers than that ICly, but these are the ones that belong to PC's in some form or other.

Under "Logs" we have the adventures of our merry band. Feel free to peruse them.

and How to join is pretty much self explanatory…

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