Bronze Aesk


EGG-NAME: Wrinkly
SIRE [(w)]: Bronze Iriversk
DAM [(w)]: Gold Fasask

FINAL-LENGTH [(w)]: 7.42


DESC-EGG: Wrinkles form and collapse on the white shell of this egg, hiding in the folds the ungainly, ugliness that is common to all wher eggs. Pasty white, even the hard folds are barely delineated in the stark, near absence of all color.

DESC-WHER: Molten bronze has been heated for days and finally poured into a delicately crafted mold, a very ugly mold but still crafted by one of the greatest designers of all time. The gooey bronze seeps slowly over the chubby head, down the dumpy neck, and finally settling in a fiery pool on his torso. Stretched forelegs have been incorrectly matched with a pair of very stubby hind legs, making his movements less then graceful as he tires to keep his balance. The wher's body seems to be made up of raw, dreary copper which shows off angles, edges, and breaks all at the wrong places and with never the correct lighting. The wings are like heavy bars of pure bronze that have been placed awkwardly on his back and don't look like they will support any weight for flight or even extend. Finishing off this wher with a swirl is his tail, a long rope of dull metal which is long overdue for a thorough polish, snaking its way around the bulky body.

CREDITS: Egg by Bey, hatch desc by Lya


DESC-COLLAR: Thick, well oiled, black leather encircles this bronze wher's neck, with a heavy duty steel clasp at the front part to keep the collar securely in place. A steel plate has been fixed securely to the back of the collar, with the words etched in

Name: Aesk
Handler: Aeyric, of Minecraft Hall

By night, Aesk is busy going about training and work in the shafts of the Minecraft. By day he stays safely in his kennel in the quarry.

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