Locations of the Minecraft

In addition to the minecraft hall itself, there are several facilities that are of use to minecrafters and of interest in roleplay. Some of these were the creation of Aeyric, soon after he joined the hall.

The wher kennels and training yard can be reached by hitting +go mic, south field, quarry, kennel, training yard. This place is most active at night. ICly once the sun goes down, the wherhandler on duty there starts a glowing bed of coals in a large fire ring. The ring has a wrought iron frame, and is mostly for heating cinderblocks or bricks for training. Since a wher's sense of sight is based on heat, training at night is done with heated targets. An orchard heater made of clay and filled with sand heats stuffed human sized dolls. However, the grate often has a pot of klah and a cauldron of soup on it, brought down from the main hall for the sake of convienance. The training yard has an obstacle course, several pits and bluffs for practicing rescues, and sometimes a scoreboard is put up to mark the times of the whers that run the course.

We do have a tavern, accessible from +go mic, sf, tavern. There isn't much there other than a short desc as a place to have drinks. However, it is there for the comfort of the halls crafters and residents.

The museum is accessible from +go mic, west field, mm. It was originally a large and unused storage facility, broken down and battered. When Aeyric began the process of converting the storage area to a museum in which the fossils could be displayed he consulted members of every minecraft specialty and tried to develop a facility for them. Most of the ooc work behind the museum was done by Aeyric, however, credits go to Tellus for editing/revision of the descs and the actual building work.

Museum facilities include…

A mockup of a wher's kennel, for visitors not allowed into the real thing to view. There is also has a mockup of a queen wher's den, complete with a wooden model of a queen with movable, posable joints. By working a series of levers and buttons a journeyman can make the wooden queen move. With her also are several eggs carved from wood that are precise replicas of a wher egg. There are also replicas of wher straps and halters and special goggles that show a human exactly what a wher sees and what they use in the mines. The straps can be put on by visitors, and while the display is geared more towards visiting children it serves a double purpose. Would be wherhandlers can use the wooden queen to simulate their approach of the queen before the real thing, and journeymen can run lessons to prepare them for that moment if they so choose.

Off the central hall is a rock climbing room where journeymen can hold rock climbing lessons for minecrafters or blow off steam after their shifts. Three of the four walls have been adapted to climbing surfaces, however not even a master should climb without a person to supervise them. Even though the floors are padded to protect from a fall there is still the chance of serious injury should a minecrafter attempt it alone.

Also off the central hall is a mockup of a mineshaft. This shaft has murals, photographs from the AIVAS banks, and plaques and sculptures that depict the history of the minecraft. One side of the murals depicts craft history on earth, including both controversial discoveries like the Lucy human fossil and the study of the KT boundary, the dangerous work of New York City's sand hogs, famous mining disasters including coal fires and the struggle of miners in America for workers rights. The other side of the murals depicts crafthall history, starting with the original survey team lead by the ancestor of Avril Bitra, the Telgar family's settlement of Karachi and Avril's betrayal of the colony for the riches Pern's gemstones would bring her elsewhere in the Galaxy, the creation of whers by Kitti Ping's daughter Wind Blossom Ping, the Steng Valley's decline under Lord Chalkin of Bitra and the Valley's revival under Chalkin's successor, the founding of Crom Hold and the minecraft to help boost supply of minerals in the second pass, minecrafters of the 9th pass assisting in the excavation of landing, and at the far end, a plaque listing the names of which founding holders were minecraft members, including the names of Avril Bitra, Bart Lemos, Stev Kimmer, the Telgar family, and the little known names Ozzy Munson and Cobber Alinwa.

The North Hall contains minecrafter only facilities, a specimen laboratory and a lecture hall. The lecture hall is modeled after the old Earth university halls, and the specimen laboratory allows minecrafters an academic space to analyze the products of their work /and/ experiment in ways to improve craft methodology.

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