Cave In!

Mine Craft - Tunnel Down

As you walk down this tunnel, you have to use the rails that have been sunk into the stone to help you traverse this passage as it decends downwards very rapidly, lights have been hung from the walls to help you see better, the rock here is spotted with, gems all glittering in the from the lights above. You can see a opening about at the end of the passage.

It all started out perfectly normal for the MineCraft Hall. The whers had been making their rounds, and a new opening off of the infamous Nicat's Mine had been found, on the tunnel down to the huge cavern. A group of excavators, search and rescue types, and wherhandlers were down there now, prepped, or so it seemed.

At least, until a loud rumbling started. Most just said it was a nearby earthquake, some just said it was Pern resettling itself. (both the same, right?)

However, not all is okay …

Panicked, running from the entranced of Nicat's Mine, a younger excavator, an apprentice drops to his knees, coughing, choking, and passes out in the middle of the entrance to the cavern. And there's there's nothing but silence.

Hysk whines loudly, nosing the apprentice and sniffing both him and the air. Hyrlon nods, approaching closer he kneels down to inspect the apprentice, checking pulse and breathing while he murmurs, "I don't like this, Hysk, not one bit…"

S'dan darts into the tunnel from a little further up. "Everyone all right?" he calls out as he shines his lantern about, holding it up high.

From the cavern staggers a single wher, no handler with her. Kask lets out a low bugle before she staggers to a stop, whimpering back at Hysk. The apprentice stirs and moans. "Cave in … on the new tunnel … everyone trapped… no supplies…" He mutters, before fainting again. Kask, no Kanta, and no supplies?

Hyrlon motions for a healer who comes and carries the collapsed lad away. The time for politeness is over and Hysk moves purposefully up to Kask, chirping urgently, « How far? Long time? Gas? » So many questions, so little time, Hyrlon, perhaps foolishly, moves quickly towards the tunnel.

S'dan keeps to the wall, his ears as alert to anything at all that he can hear as well as see…though at this point ears may be more useful. He brings the light over to Hyrlon. "What happened? That wasn't just a groundshake." He looks at the whers, all upset and decides that maybe he's not the right one to try and put a hand on them to try and confort them but he does make some gentle shushing sounds to them. "Easy there, pretty ones. Easy."

Kask chitters back. « Beam fell. Rocks fell. Seperated from Kantamine. No supplies! Geyser! » She chirps and looks back, eyes whirling a puslsing red/orange of anger and fear. She trails after them though.

Hyrlon pulls out a pocket torch and flicks it on, moving carefully down the corridor, Hysk at his side, sniffing this way and that, « Where? How? »

S'dan sniffs the air to see if he can detect anything. "What are they saying, Hyrlon? My Cyrilth can't quite understand them. But there seems to be an impression that a tunnel has collapsed. This is not good." Now he offers a hand out for a Wher to sniff to show he means no harm, only friendship.

Hysk sniffs his hand peremptorily and nods, turning back to the task at hand. Hyrlon nods a bit more friendly-like, "A shaft-joist gave in and Kanta's trapped on the other side with several others, probably." Hysk moves into the lead, now, sniffing and looking every which way he can. Where are the people.

S'dan says "We need to get the tunnel shorn up again as soon as we can. We need to get diggers to work their way down or around…Are there any other tunnes that might connect with where she was?"

An auntie that followed the pair in, comments, "None. They were goin' off th' tunnel that lead to Nicat's cavern, and the entrance collapsed." She then points with a gnarled finger at all of the groups supplies … and the cave-in.

S'dan drops his head. "Shards! And all I do is cut stones at best. I'm an architect, not a excavator!"

Hyrlon points to the whers, "That's what they're for…" Hysk chirps, moving towards the cave in and beginning to dig through it. « people, people, people » Hyrlon nods at S'dan's outburst, "Had me those two shoring poles, then."

S'dan reaches out to grab the two poles. " Have any idea how far down they are?"

Hyrlon shrugs, "I won't know until Hysk can see 'em…" He watches the wher dig, holding the poles until they're needed.

"In the event of something happening to me,
There is a photograph I'd like you all to see,
It's just a photograph of someone that I knew…

Have you seem my wife, Mr. Jones?
Do you know what it's like on the outside?
Don't go talking to loud , you'll cause a landslide,
Mr. Jones."

S'dan looks about to get more poles, worried that something will collapse in on him at any moment. He's a man of the air, not the ground, for Faranth's sake, for all that his mother was a MasterMiner. He swallows, his mind whirling in thoughts to his dragon, his beloved dragon.

Hyrlon watches Hysk dig, judging the slide of the stones and eventually manouvering one of the poles around his blue bond to help support one side of the hole, "Dig careful, Hysk."

S'dan runs back to get a shovel and starts shovel dirt further back up the tunnel to get it out of the way…then he runs back to get a bucket. Soon he's pulling off his jacket and then his shirt to make it easier and cooler to work.

Hyrlon turns, noticing S'dan's effort and smiles, "Thanks, bluerider, that'll help… see if you can organize any available apprentices into a bucket chain, will you please?" Hysk hits a small void and shrieks momentarily before regaining his footing. Hyrlon calmly continues to slide the supporting pole down alongside his bond. His former speciality was in safety, after all.

S'dan keeps scraping and shoveling and filling a bucket. Soon there are more miner apprenitces and a few Journeymen there with buckets and shovels to help remove the dirt that is being dug out by the brave Whers. "I'll make jewelled collars for those Whers if they can get them out alive," he promises.

Kask whimpers and pitifully scratches at the rock, but she's just too tired. There's a nice wher sized hole at the bottom of the pile, like she had gotton stuck.

Hyrlon grins, continuing to keep up with Hysk's progress, "They will. That's what they've been training for… When we collapse from exhaustion I'll need to send a note back to Xanadu to get the other handlers here as soon as possible…" He trails off, glancing over at Kask just as Hysk does the same, chirping inquiringly, « Heed help? Hurt? »

Kask shakes her blunted gold head stubbornly. « Kanta mine help. her help. » She says, stubbornly.

S'dan pauses for a brief moment to take a breath and let the dust settle. "I've no idea what she means," indicating with a vague hand gesture towards the Gold Wher, "but she does seem determined." Then he pulls a brown bandana fron his pochet to tie over his nose and mouth.

Hyrlon nods, "She wants to keep digging, but the rock is hard and she's tired… I think…" Hysk gives an assenting chirp and moves slightly to help Kask dig. This goes on for a few more moments before Hyrlon's eyes open wide, "Can you find the longest support pole you can and try to dig it under the rock fall… if we can just open up a passage way for fresh air that'll help a lot."

S'dan nods and hurries off. After a few moments of explaining to an older Journeyman, and then grabbing a couple buckets of clean water for the Wehrs, he comes back down, several appretices hefting the big pole."Here 'tis!" He keeps to the side of the wall to let the other workers through and sets down the water for the Whers.

Kask continues mewling and scratching at the work, turning to butt Hysk, saying, « Hurry! ». Then she catches the scent of water and practically tackles the buckets.

Hysk keeps digging while Kask drinks. Hyrlon inspects the cave in carefully, then spots an area with lighter rock towards the top. Pointing to it, he says, "Get at least two apprentices in addition to yourself and force it through that thin space. Air's more important than anything else right now."

S'dan says "Whoa, there! Don't knowck over the buckets! I'll bring more, I promise!"

S'dan hands the glow lantern to a tall apprentice while he himself works to get the pole pushing through. If he can just get the end in the right place, then will everyone's force behind the pole they may break through.

It's clear, though, even with the pole and the pressure, there's something more than ROCK on the other side of the cavern. However, there are small puffs of stale air coming through the hole … kask finally whimpers, and scratches at the rock, before curling up to sleep.

Hysk whimpers and makes the sound for bad air. Hyrlon nods, "That'll help, but only so much…" Hysk finally slinks over to the water buckets, lapping at them happily. Hyrlon sighs, "I don't know how long we can keep this up without more handlers…

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