Mine Craft - Tunnel Down

As you walk down this tunnel, you have to use the rails that have been sunk into the stone to help you traverse this passage as it decends downwards very rapidly, lights have been hung from the walls to help you see better, the rock here is spotted with, gems all glittering in the from the lights above. You can see a opening about at the end of the passage.

The issue with this mine is the closeness to the water geyser on the other side of the rock. When it heats up to boiling like some might, it cuases problems for the caught miners and whers. However, there's one bond that has been inexplicably torn by the cave-in … and Kask stands on the free side, clawing at the rock.

Hysk comes bounding into the area a few moments before Hyrlon, his handler, follows, breathing heavily from the run from the clearing. Pausing momentarily, he watches Hysk approach Kask and chirp softly, « No help? Still stuck? » Motioning for a glass of water, Hyrlon clears his throat before moving closer, checking first the air-hole he'd helped bore on his previous visit.

And when things go awry it's sometimes necessary to call in more heavy artillery. Or a bulldozer. Or Azaeth, in this case. If he can even fit into the mine, that is. Right now it's just K'ael though, and the bronzer doesn't exactly know where he's going. He's just been briefed that there was a cave in, and that people needed help. So here he is! it's clear that the bronzer doesn't have much love for whers though, and eyes some of them warily as he passes.

M'nol follows behind his wingleader after having transported his brother and some of the other Xanaduan handlers to help. He glances around a realizes just how long it's been since he was in a mine. Nodding to a few vaguely recognizable faces, he moves up to K'ael and murmurs, "Faraeth's smaller… he might be able to fit better, but certainly not both."

Kask shakes her head at Hysk. < Stuck. > She says, unhappily. The gold lets out a keening whine that turns into a growl, and turns back to scrabble at the rokc. A journeyman starts handing out pickaxes. "Just start chopping. We can't determine depth, unfortunately." He advises.

Hysk moves forward, digging along with Kask, putting every ounce of the rest he'd gotten to work. Hyrlon grabs a pickaxe quickly, then fumbles briefly for a faceshield before beginning to dig through a little ways from the whers to give them room. Nodding to M'nol and K'ael, he adds, "Any help is appreciated…"

K'ael shrugs a bit to M'nol. "It's going to be tight either way. Azaeth is used to dealing with heavy loads… If he can get in here, that is." The bronzer heads over to where Kask is a'scratchin and nods to the journeyman. Then he turns to M'nol. "Well. Lets see if Faraeth can get in here. Maybe he can help a little." But for now he'll join in picking with the others.

M'nol sends the mental request to Faraeth even as he, too, grabs a pick-axe and safety equipment. The large brown's head soon appears, then his neck, but it seems his shoulder are just the slightest bit too broad for the opening. M'nol nods to K'ael, "With a little pushing, he could, but that might just make it worse…"

The journeyman nods. "One! Two! Three! Ho!" And then a group of journeymen and apprentices start cracking at the rock in rhythem. Then Kask sighs and moves slightly, whining.

K'ael shakes his head to M'nol. "We'll just have to get out the elbow grease I guess. Don't want to make things worse and get us trapped in here as well. Maybe I can call for a green, though she might not be much help here. Keep Faraeth close, he might be able to at least help us clear out some of the rubble." The bronzer tries to match up his stroke with the others. Did it help to hit together?

Hysk chirps at Kask even as Hyrlon falls easily into the rhythm being set by the other miners. < Wrong? Bad? > Hyrlon is only fleetingly aware of the conversation going on around him, this was work time.

M'nol nods to K'ael and Faraeth backs carefully back out of the cavern, "Even an average sized brown or a blue might fit. Anyone would be a help." Then he too is in time with the others. one-two-three-pick.

Kask snorts. Then, as M'nols hit rings in the cavern, a large portion of the rubble falls away. "Watch it!" The journeyman in front cries out, and Kask lifts her head and warbles.

Hysk warbles as well, snorting at the poor boy who couldn't possibly have known that he'd cause a fall. Hyrlon casts M'nol a sad look, then goes back to digging.

K'ael stops for a moment to watch a bunch of the rubble fall with a blink. Well now! That was a little unnerving, as K'ael thought he could just whack away at the rock until it gave free. "How much rubble you think we need to go through before we get to the other side?" He asks the same journeyman who handed out picks.

M'nol yelps, jumping back from the wall and wiping scree and loose rock from the front of his clothing. Glancing at K'ael, he shakes his head, "No way to know. Too far to talk…" Then he's back at the rock, a slightly less loose spot this time around. He wanted to help, not bury them all.

There's a sudden intake of breath as th ejounreyman had probed, and suddenly, a large pole gets stuck through a small hole that had appearead. "OW!" Can be heard distantly through that hole. "H- hey!" The journeyman shouts.

Hysk and Hyrlon reach the hole almost simultaneously, the bulbous blue where setting his claws to it as quickly as he can while Hyrlon quizzes, "Are we almost through?"

There's a snort from the journeyman, and when he draws the pole back there's a notch near the end. A nearby apprentice gauges it, and shakes his head. "Close to six feet." He remarks. There, from the hole, there comes a yell - "HYRLON? Where's Kask?" Kask nearly jumps in glee as she burbles happily. < Kantamine! >

K'ael blinks a bit as there are sticks going into hole and people yelling. Miners! "Ooh, I take it that's how much further we need to go? I hope they were digging on the other side as well." Of course news that people were still alive was nice. "Come on ladies and gents, lets get them out of there!"

M'nol redoubles his efforts, nodding at K'ael as he does so, "6 feet until where they could notch it… and we need a safe hole… plenty more digging to do yet."

Hysk keeps digging frantically and Hyrlon yells, "It's me, Kanta! Kask's right here. She's fine outside of frantic for you."

Kanta audibly, loudly, sighs. "Oh thank all things minercraft. We'd help dig, but our supplies are under the fall!" Kanta calls out. Then she pauses. "We've got injuries. Broken bones."

K'ael tries to peer through the hole. He fails, of course. "Just take it easy in there. We'll have you out in no time. There are dragons here, so we can get the injured safely wherever they need to go!"

M'nol just keeps digging, grunting occasionally, "We're coming through!"

Hyrlon nods, conferring briefly with the other journeymen as Hysk continues to dig and dig at the hole. Soon, and apprentice is sent for the hall's healer and Hyrlon goes back to digging.

Finally, the journeyman stop and shake their heads. There's so much rubble around they can't really move. "We need to get this cleared out." The leader says. "We're done for the night."

K'ael blinks a bit. "The dragons can maybe help with that? You're just going to leave them in there?" K'ael coughs a bit. "We should at least pass them some fellis through the hole for the injured. Maybe some food, if we can? Are they hungry in there?"

M'nol sets his pickaxe aside and nods, "The dragons can help clear some…"

Hysk keeps digging until Hyrlon forcibly pulls him away from the hole, "Stop, Hysk! Let them pass supplies through." Hysk gives a glum chirp, but does stand down, so Hyrlon turns to the journeyman on duty, "How can we help?"

"You can't." He says wearily. "Anot, Mefal, get them supplies." Stringing a bag on the pole, they pass it through. Kanta exclaims in surprise. "Fellis, klah, oh thank goddish." There are cheers from the cave in.

K'ael seems to relax a bit when they let the supplies through. He still isn't feeling great about letting them suffer behind the rubble, but it was starting to get dark, and better to be safe than sorry. K'ael motions for the riders to head out as well. "We can help them out tomorrow maybe. Let's head back for now."

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