Aeyric Osidian: Dreams in Stone, Songs in Bone

Aeyric is a quiet, calm young man of about twenty. His black hair is ornately wrapped with silky white material. Whisps of bangs flow around his face, which have a fluffy appearance. When reading, he wears black wire rim reading glasses, but does not need them when working.

He wears heavy duty, loose black canvas pants like those used by miners, and his shoulder knots indicate a journeyman from the minecraft. He wears a heavy dark blue tunic, the kind that keeps the arms protected underground. He wears very heavy steel toed work boots that were once powder blue, but have long since been faded to grey from mine dust.

Bronze Aesk and Firelizards Maia Thero and Gastion
Molten bronze has been heated for days and finally poured into a delicately crafted mold, a very ugly mold but still crafted by one of the greatest designers of all time. The gooey bronze seeps slowly over the chubby head, down the dumpy neck, and finally settling in a fiery pool on his torso. Stretched forelegs have been incorrectly matched with a pair of very stubby hind legs, making his movements less then graceful as he tires to keep his balance. The wher's body seems to be made up of raw, dreary copper which shows off angles, edges, and breaks all at the wrong places and with never the correct lighting. The wings are like heavy bars of pure bronze that have been placed awkwardly on his back and don't look like they will support any weight for flight or even extend. Finishing off this wher with a swirl is his tail, a long rope of dull metal which is long overdue for a thorough polish, snaking its way around the bulky body.
Thick, well oiled, black leather encircles this bronze wher's neck, with a heavy duty steel clasp at the front part to keep the collar securely in place. A steel plate has been fixed securely to the back of the collar, with the words etched in:

Name: Aesk
Handler: Aeyric, of Minecraft Hall

By night, Aesk is busy going about training and work in the shafts of the Minecraft. By day he stays safely in his kennel in the quarry.
Aesk is 15 Turns, 10 months, and 7 days, with a length of 7.42 meters, and a wingspan of 3.00 meters.

Brilliantly butterscotch, the hide of this firelizard has a soft metallic sheen underneath the perfectly golden hue. It covers her from her dainty head, all along the voluptuous curves of her body before ending, still perfectly even and smooth at the wicked sharp point of her tail. She's just a rounded, perfectly curved from her shoulders and then down along through her chest and haunches, molded to conform expectations of beauty. Trailing across her body are her wings, just a shade lighter in color and a lavish expanse of trailing wingsails held up by the whisper light framework of her 'spars.
Maia is banded in the colors of her owner's home.
Maia is 1 Turn, 4 months, and 11 days old and is 62 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 100 cm.

Whirls of sooty black coat the triagular head of this little bronze thickly. Tendrils of smoke rise from his plump belly, tickling his sides and under his wingsails. A thick wave of bronze color slides down his sides, the color shimmering with heat, crackling along his broad back and over his haunches. Each leg is thick, as if mired in hot, fluid mud. It cools over his tail, forming into chunky slabs of cracking earth. He appears as if at any moment, the color might flake away and flow off if he shook too hard.
Thero is banded in the colors of his owner's home.
Thero is 1 Turn, 4 months, and 12 days old and is 59 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 95 cm.

With his massive size and near shimmering hide, it is easy to see how this brown firelizard might easily be confused with a bronze. His head is a block resting on a thick neck and correspondingly broad chest and back. Pillared long legs support the weight while a wide but slightly short tail drags behind him. Even his color is deceptive, as it is a smoky golden brown bordering just this side of whiskey bronze. It is almost as if one had taken a bronze and diluted him just a hint. Only his talons and wings are a darker brown, more like Guinness and foam then whiskey. And just for spite, a russet red caps his headknobs and runs along the length of his eyeridges.
Gastion is banded in the colors of his owner's home.
Gastion is 1 Turn, 4 months, and 11 days old and is 55 centimeters in length with a wingspan of 88 cm.

Aeyric began his life as a quiet, withdrawn little boy who had a good memory for the maps of shafts and survey maps of various mining sites. His skin was pale, his hair fluffy and black. He looked like a very scruffy little boy. Aeyric was the son of a female minecraft surveyor and a male greenrider who specialized in the extraction of gemstones from the soil. He had an older sister, Saya, who has a gold wher, Sask. Since Saya is normally very absorbed in wher breeding and training, Aeyric hardly sees anything of her. To make up for her absence, she sends him packages every now and again. Usually books, or pictures of her and Sask going about their day. Aeyric keeps a photobox of pictures and a map of the places Saya and Sask have worked. But he rarely sees them in person.

He showed great intelligence early on, and enjoyed reading adventure stories of generations of Pernese Past. He would comb through the AIVAS terminal in the Minecraft archives for survey maps of sites mined ages and ages ago. He looked for ruined sites abandoned by the Ancients as well.

Aeyric was quickly absorbed in hall business. Even before reaching apprenticing age he was assisting in upkeep of the Minecraft records. It was a natural that he became an apprentice. His early entry into the minecraft based on his academic ability was assured. He entered at the age of twelve, and while he was not allowed into the mines for another three turns, he studied almost nonstop. He absorbed math like it was water, quickly learning the basics of engineering shafts and mining equipment. He got picked on for always being in the library studying and for being the smallest apprentice.

And yet when Aeyric hit the beginning of manhood, he began growing stronger. Muscles filled out, dark hair grew long and silky. His pale green eyes became more attractive, more handsomely set. His skin darkened, and didn't appear so pale anymore. Though he still tended to be introverted and self absorbed, he was finally able to enter the shafts. And when he did, his alertness quickly strengthened. Thinking was for the classroom, pay attention or die!

Aeyric actually reached journeymanship before he thought he would. A brawny 17 turn old, with a brilliant mind, was almost as assured early journeymanship as he was early apprenticeship. Aeyric was mostly focused on his studies. Despite being tall, lean and muscled, the miner still preferred reading at the end of the day.

Aeyric still lobbied to try and pursue a paleontology/archeology specialty. But he was not allowed to until two years later, at the age of 19. Aeyric began preparing a list of what he would need for his first expedition, a deserted and barren area between Keroon, Benden and Bitra reported to have 'Stone tree trunks.'

Upon surveying the area, Aeyric brought back samples of shimmering iridescent rocks that did indeed appear to be part of the trunk of a living tree. Fossilized tree trunks, enormous ghosts older than thread itself, became his first glory. One of these was brought back to the minecraft for study, and then later placed in the minecraft's museum.

Subsequent expeditions brought back samples and fossils from all over Pern. In addition to finding opal deposits in Igen, Aeyric found a skull, a fossilized snake skull, the length of his arm from from his elbow to the tips of his fingers. His biggest find to date was discovering fossils in Igen that were closer to grass or forest land animals. This proved that Igen had once been a temperate landscape rather than a desert. But soon he came into a brick wall. Underground hazards.

Aeyric's biggest difficulty continuing his work came when he attempted to excavate a cave near the main Igen hold where it was thought that artifacts from 9th pass, the very final last, could possibly be found. He was in pursuit of archeological remains of the bandits lead by Lady Holdless Thella. The battle to bring the terrifying renegade to justice was a story that Aeyric had enjoyed greatly as a boy. Aeyric's team moved slowly north along Thella's path of destruction. In one month's time they were making good headway towards what Aeyric thought would be the holy grail of the expedition, Thella's stronghold in the Mountains of Telgar.

Alas, he never even got close. Aeyric's team came into difficulty when a rockslide trapped five of their best people in a secret tunnel that the oldtime bandit had made specifically for that purpose, trapping intruders. The only thing that saved Aeyric's team members when rescue dragons were slow in coming to help them, was that if Thella had made a trap to lure people in, she had to have built a way to pull her 'prey' out. Aeyric had to search for the bolt hole that Thella had built as an escape from the trap.

Frustrated, Aeyric had to suspend his expedition and return to the minecraft hall. Aeyric had been known to be obsessive when it came to his dream of studying the Pern of ages past. There had to be a solution. When digging through his notes and belongings, Aeyric found the photo book of pictures that Saya and Sask had sent him as a child. Aeyric had an 'ahah!'
The best way to protect his people underground was to be put on the list for a Wher and train the best he could to be able to respond to an emergency underground. Aeyric requested to be put on the list for a wher, and continued studying maps and records in preparation for a second attempt on Thella's back mountain citadel, only taken down in days of old by a joint group of Telgar and Lemos holders, Benden Dragonriders, and Harper Hall spies.

It is in hopes of attaching a Wher that Aeyric has returned to the Minecraft, beginning his story at the age of 20 turns.

History 2
Aeyric studied hard and worked harder. Studious and effeminate, the minecrafter was often mistaken for a Harper instead of a miner. He began to focus on the engineering behind mining, as well as safety in the shafts and of course, Search and rescue in preparation for handling a wher.

Then Aeyric met J'leron, rider of brown Dakoth, and immediately fell in love. J'leron was wingsecond to Aoriya, wingleader of Damascin Wign, Igen, and having had bad experiences with men in the past, would not simply go quietly to bed with Aeyric. Aeyric would need to be a little inventive and definately oportunistic. And when somebody spiked J'leron's drink with an aphrodesiac Aeyric took full advantage.

To add to this, a wher became available. Formerly bronze Thsk, Aeyric bonded with him and Aesk became his partner. Aeyric abruptly set out to train with his new wher, and the two regularly train at night for a few nights a month.

Then fate intervened, and put Aeyric on the track to achieving his dreams of hunting fossils and digging up
A sandstorm that endangered attendees at an Igen hatching blew away the protective sand covering the remains of a massive fossil seasnake. Minecrafters from all over Pern are gathering to excavate and study the monster. For Aeyric and Aesk, its go time.

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