Wherhandler Hyrlon



A powerful older lad, he does bear some resemblance to M'nol, his brother, but only in that they share the same eyes and hair. This tall 20-turn-old keeps his dark black hair neatly trimmed and out of his brown eyes. His clean, masculine frame stays mostly hidden under his crisp black pants and brown tunic.


Hylon was raised the middle child of a mining family from a small mine-hold. He was in the mines for shifts a few times a week before he was 11 and years in the mine have hardened his body and graveled his voice. He wasn't pleased when his father had sent his second youngest sibling, Morlanol, away to avoid him being apprenticed in the Harper Craft and couldn't help but appreciate the irony when he became M'nol by impressing brown Faraeth. Then their youngest brother had been selected for a wher clutch.

With these changes, and the arrival of a new batch of apprentices from the main craft hall in Crom, Hyrlon decided to try his own luck. The Mine at Xanadu had been officially opened and a gold wherhandler had move there. Xanadu seemed like a golden opportunity, and he took it, catching a ride with some traders and catching a ship to the fair land of Xanadu.


Name Relation Location Position
Morloy Father Sr. Journeyman Miner
Hylona Mother Cook
Myrana Sister Journeyman Miner
Hyloy Brother Journeyman Miner
M'nol Brother Xanadu Weyr S&R Rider to brown Faraeth
Hyrona Sister Apprentice Miner
Myron Brother Apprentice Miner: Wherhandler to brown Myrsk


Polite Blue Wher Hysk
Indigo wars with navy over the hide of this little wher, enshrouding him in his own personal darkness that sadly does nothing to mask his true form. Everything about him droops - nose, eyes ridges, neck ridges, even his wings appear to have a permanent downwards cast to them. His forelegs are twisted, giving a rather bow-legged silhouette, while his back legs and tail are merely short and stubby in turn. His torso shades more towards midnight, though there is evidence of permanently flaky skin there where the colour seems to dissolve into a myriad of black lines.

Any other salient data can be found on his Xanadu page

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