Sex Male
Position Miner/trouble shooter
Wher Sask
Craft Minercrafter
Rank Sr. Journeyman
Speciality =Speleology
Age 29
Birthplace Outside Benden Hold
Home MinerCraft hall


Standing before you is a large man with broad shoulders that is about six feet tall. His coppery red hair hangs just past his shoulders, along with matching beard that stops mid-chest, and both are well maintained. His nose is on the larger side and looks to have been broken at some point in his life, though the laugh lines at the edges of his light blue eyes gives him a kinder appearance. While he isn't necessarily athletic he also isn't necessarily fat, his muscle structure is large and while somewhat defined he is built for more raw strength as is needed in his given trade. His hands are large and scared with rough callouses on the fingers and palms from a life of hard work. Long muscular legs are balanced by wide heavy feet. While he isn't past his prime this man is no young buck, either, as he's likely somewhere in his late-twenties or early-thirties.

He is wearing a short-sleeved, grey, wool working shirt with a knot attached to his shoulder that shows him to be a Journeyman in of the Miner Craft. That shirt and his dark-tan working pants are both covered in rock dust, grease stains, and such similar signs of time spent working in caves. About his waist is a belt of black leather that holds two small hip pouches on either side. His pants are tucked into a pair of mid-calf high black leather boots with thick soles.


Born on the Autumn Equinox, the first day of the 10th month, Saxi was the fourth child gifted to his parents who owned a respectable farm outside of Benden Hold. Where they grow Klahbark Tree's as well Hazel nut Trees. His oldest brother Jagon decided to go and join the sea crafters as a fisherman and hopes to have his very own vessel someday. The next oldest, his sister Surah stayed with their parents to run and look after the farm. The middle sister Juniper, went off to join the Beastcraft as she always loved being around animals. But Saxi always like digging deep in the ground, he would go and explore caves of all kinds, whether big enough for a dragon to go into or only a tunnel snake hole. He also enjoyed hallowing out old stumps and making cave systems in the wood and would plant it in the back yard so he could watch the insect life colonize it. His childhood was spent this way, helping on the farm and mostly staying out of grown-ups way. When his 13th turnday came to pass his father sat him down and talked to him about what he wanted to do. At first there was talk of going to the smiths, or even the Harpers because his voice wasn't all that bad. But after much pleading he finally got his wish to go and train at the Miner craft hall. There he spent the next 3 turns as an apprentice, his days where filled with studying engineering, and geology, as well as practical application. But the time he reached 17 turns old he had taken his journeyman exam and passed with high marks. He specializes in understanding cave structure for creation, repair, and stability; as well as mineral and gem identification but that is more of a hobby. Now in his late twenties he enjoys his job traveling about to the different Weyrs checking on structures and the caves there in. He currently has no aspirations for Master but you never know what is around the next path…


Name Relation Position Age Stationed



Soft mint green colors the hide of this wher, from her ugly broad face and uptilted headknobs all the way down her body to the very end of her thick spaded tail. Faint highlights show on her hide, emphasizing her squat neck and then barrel chested body. Splotches mar the hide along her back, flaky looking areas of lighter mint that hold distinct edges from the darker and slide along ridges in a random pattern. Somewhat knockkneed, her legs are moderately bowed, leading into awkwardly shaped feet in their darker mint green. Splashed with speckles and spots, are her wings in the same soft mint, the odd markings a marginally darker shade.


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