Sex Female
Wher Brown Zahsk
Craft Miner
Rank Sr. Journeywoman
Specialty Volcanology and Earthquakes
Age 26
Birthplace Telgar Weyr


Sapphire blue eyes fringed by thick lashes are set into the strong features of a square-jawed face that bears arched eyebrows, rather large Romanesque nose and full lips of a dusky rose. Skin is a light tan, warm and golden in hue. Blond hair is cut shoulder length, styled back more often than not, sometimes hidden beneath a hat. She is of slightly above average height for most women, standing at 5'8". Her strong figure is solidly built, yet showing obvious womanly curves. Despite her "brawn", she can be light on her feet, showing a certain grace in her movements.

More often than not, you would find her in the sturdy clothing of a miner. Thick tunic paired with pants and boots. When not in the mines or working, she might be found in the occasional skirt.

On her shoulder, she wears the knot of a Sr. Journywoman of the Mining Craft.


Daughter of L'ton, rider of bronze Dhonzayth of HMW and Ariah(npc), rider of green Baileth of Telgar. She grew up at Telgar as just another weyrbrat until she ran into a miner who was checking on the various mines there. Intrigued was she, and soon asked her mother for permission to apprentice with the Mining Craft.

She's done well over the years, rising in her craft. She is now a Sr. Jman Miner specializing in Volcanology, the study of volcanoes and earthquakes. She has traveled all over with her craft, but seems content to settle down in the main craft hall.


Name Relation Location Position Age
L'ton Father Half Moon Bay Weyr Weyrleader +60
Ariah Mother Telgar Weyr Wingrider +45
Check L'ton Page Half-Siblings Scattered Varied


Brown Zahsk

A sprinkling of cinnamon along his back lends this rather squashed-looking wher a certain charm. His coloring, in the main, is that of a freshly baked cake, though this particular delicacy has been burned slightly along his short wings. Tiny patches of black line his sides, all fairly symmetrical in shape though their placing seems random, and a thin line of red runs along his belly as if the skin has cracked and split. His nose and tail both are on the long side, and again that faint dusting of cinnamon appears on each tip. His feet, however, are gnarled and twisted. Tiny, crooked, chocolate colored afterthoughts instead of intentional additions to his form.


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